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Hong Kong – Part 1

31 January 2010 1,450 views 4 Comments

Round the World – Official Start

Bruce Lee

Typical Tourist.

After a 12 hour flight and some slightly cramped British airways plane seats we arrived in Hong Kong feeling less that fresh but ready to jump into the Hong Kong life.  This was the official start to our round the world adventure.  To ease ourselves in to the trip we opted for some hotel accommodation on Kowloon Island.  The only problem was that we had to find it.  We knew the address was  Nathan Road and accessed the tourist information desk how to get there.  A few minutes later we were on the bus and heading for the extremely busy streets of the Nathan Road.  Unsure of exactly where to get off the bus we

Bank of China Tower

Bank of China Tower

decided to take pot luck and jump off at one of the stops.  Luckily enough we weren’t far wrong because after about a 5 minute walk we stumbled upon the Casa Hotel.  By the time we got settled in it was 6pm and we decided to go and get our first “Chinese” meal and head to bed early.  Both of us woke up at 2am as a result of jet lag and struggled to get back to sleep for a few hours.

1st full day in Hong Kong + Donnas Birthday

On the first day we took a walk down towards the harbour and stumbled upon the Avenue of Stars,  a walk of fame of big name Chinese movie stars.   The Avenue of Stars offered some amazing views across the Harbour to the Main Hong Kong Island and financial district.  After taking a few typical touristy shots of the Avenue of Stars and Hong Kong Skyline we cause the ferry across to Hong Kong Island but not before Donna posed for pictures with the Chinese Tourists.  This was a trend that continued throughout the Hong Kong leg of the trip.

Once on the busy streets and towering skyscraper we took a walk around and checked out the sights then went took a trip up to the 43rd floor of the Bank of China Tower building to check out the views from above.  Next stop was the more peaceful climbs of the Botanical and Zoological Gardens.  Upon leaving the gardens we conveniently stumbled across the Lan Kwai Fong District.  The is the trendy drinking area where Business people go to unwind and party after striking some big deals in their high rises.  We decided to go in for a couple of Buy One Get One Free Cocktails in a British pub. Why not, it was Donnas birthday after all.  Its not every day you turn a Quarter of a

First Drinks to Celebrate Donna's birthday.

First Drinks to Celebrate Donna's birthday.

Century in Hong Kong.  A few too many cocktails later we were feeling well oiled and decided to head back to the Hotel to get ready and have a few cheaper carry out drinks from the ever present 7 Eleven Store.  We then went back to the Lan Kwai Fong District to continue the celebrations.  The rest of the night is a bit hazy due to the copious amount of alcohol and jet lag.  I do know we went to a bar/club called Insomnia where there was a live chinese band belting out the Hits of Lady GaGa and Sean Kingston.  The Chinese love GaGa, Sean Kingston, Pitbull and the Black Eyed Peas and they were played on repeat in evey bar we went to.  After Insomnia we seemed to be suffering from Insomnia as we stumbled out of there in search of the next club.  Last we could figure out was that we made it home around 7 in the morning.

Part 2 of the Hong Kong adventure will follow soon…I forgot how much we got up to when we were there.  1 blog won’t do it justice.

Current location: Koh Chang, very warm and slightly hungover.  Even a slight hint of a tan.

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