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About us

Looking forward to the trip.
Every litte helps.

Welcome to the rants, ramblings and revelations of our round the world trip.

Leaving behind friends in the city and country, jobs in the city and the arsehole of nowhere, both Gareth and Donna are embarking on the trip of a life on January 16th 2010.

Being twenty-somethings,  we both agree that this is the best possible time to get out and see what the world has to offer.  If we wait any longer, life will take over and we’ll be 94 and wondering what if.

Both of us have always had itchy feet, with Donna doing her fair bit of travelling across America, spending time in 5*s, dining with the best of them and shopping like there’s no tomorrow.

Gareth has also holidayed across Europe spending your average male amount of time in ski lodges, Eastern European hot spots and even swimming with the fishes in Hawaii.  He also spent 3 months in the USA in the summer of 2002 working as a Camp Councillor.

We’re looking forward to the total culture shock of the trip… experiencing different lifestyles  and I’m sure this will be the best place to tell you all about it.

Hope this will be an interesting read – keep us posted what you think! 🙂