Shoestring September – Day 13

Temptation has struck.

In an extremely odd sunny day (for Belfast) I took to the seaside with Lisa and Caoimhe. Bending budget was at the back of my mind but I started as I meant to go on. I stole 3 magnums outta the freezer for us.

Note to anyone reading this- magnums make ya thirsty so do bring accompanying water with you. I did not do such things and ended up buying a drink and giving into a magners! I’m starting the week in minus figures now cuz im going to the cinema as well!

Isn’t there some stretching I can do since GL has petrol money? Hmmm maybe this can be my wildcard for the month! Damn you really do have to be a hermie for this tenner thing to work! lol

I bet he’s bought summat at the chinese dinner thing – I just hope it matches my ludacris spending!!

2 thoughts on “Shoestring September – Day 13

  1. Gareth says:

    You disgust me with your total lack of self-control or will-power! You can’t use my petrol money as a feeble excuse either. It is essential for me to travel to work. If I could walk or cycle to work I would. Shoe-string September has no wild cards. Its only for 30 days!

    You didn’t even last 2 weeks! You’ve probably been cheating all this week too! You fail!

    My total spend for the week so far is £1.19 on a McDonalds chocolate milkshake.

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