borebags blog – Launching soon!

Welcome to the borebags blog.  If you’ve stumbled across the page you may have noticed that its all a bit barren at the minute.  There are 2 main reasons for this:

  1. We haven’t written (or made public) any of the content yet.
  2. You will understand the 2nd reason when we launch

In the meantime you can keep checking back, if you want to, for tidbits and random musings from the site. The site will be officially launching sometime in October.  We are currently blogging at the minute but they are set to private until the launch. Hopefully there will be something worth reading when we launch.

Currently the site is being used as a bit of a technical playground so I can try and figure out the different widgets and add-ins that will be required to make the blog more useful.

Check backsoon.  Here’s a video to ease the current wasteland of the site:

Kings of Leon – Where nobody knows

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