From the beginning…

It all started two years ago during a drunken conversation, both GL and I discovered one day we would both like to up ship and go see the world.
Of course assuming we were both talking shite (as per usual) I was just about to jetset off around the USA (I’ve had the travelling bug for quite a while now) but those three letters -RTW- kept creeping into conversation more and more once I got home.

Fast forward a year of faffing about, a broken leg and three months of crutches, GL finally gave me the kick up the arse I needed in a rare moment of seriousness. I was ready to go in search of a full-time job to pay for this mammoth trip of a lifetime.

Now you’d think by this point we’d have a route planned… if not, a fair idea of where we wanted to go. NAH! So cue a laptop and some tough decisions of where to actually visit. Yup you read right….two years to make a vague list of places we wanted to see but we were stuck. A visit to the travel agents was in order if we were to go anywhere with these plans.

Now for those reading this who neither reads horoscopes or don’t understand how luck works….Gareth is neither lucky or unlucky but floats along life on his own little happy cloud where things seem to work out. Me on the otherhand…i sway more on the dark raincloud side of the fence! lol  We’re pricing away between STA and Usit…trying to get the best bargain…i feel like Delboy battling these two travel agents against each other…one throwing another continent in with visas and everything! Things are going great!! UNTIL………i have the bright spark idea of going into Trailfinders…outta curosity to see what they’ve got on offer. Just to note – at this point we’re busting to get a deposit down on the trip..since most of our friends are like “ayeeeeeeeeee travelling…uuuh huh”.  So we sit down and listen to the rather cheeky travel agent tell us we’re a bit too early to be putting down a deposit. Into myself i’m thinking… “whatever love, just give us the price.”

When we’re done…Donna Raincloud looks for her handbag to discover it’s been stolen!! Was this a sign to tell us we weren’t meant to book this trip after the length of faffing about we’d done? Maybe. But we did it anyway and of course cursed Trailfinders with some evil voodoo and went with STA in the end!

And back to the present day…the next step is organise an Irish passport. I figure we’re less likely to get thrown in a thai jail if they think we’re paddys so I’ll be teaching GL some common irish slang to distract from his P haircut! lol

I’ll keep you all updated on how well that goes!

One thought on “From the beginning…

  1. Gareth says:

    Welcome to the blog world! I hope you plan on keeping up the effort. Shame about the terrible formatting, i.e lack of grammar and correct paragraphs. Good first effort though. Lol.

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