The countdown is on

I get the feeling that the countdown is really on now and things are coming together nicely.  We booked our hotel for the 1st stop in the trip (Hong Kong) last week.   We will be staying in a fairly standard 3* hotel in central Hong Kong.  Apparently it is fairly close to all the main attractions.

Since Donna will be celebrating her birthday there and its the first leg of our trip we decided to go  for the Hotel option in stead of a Hostel.  After that though it will be hostels all the way because they are a much more pocket friendly option.  I also think its also a better way to meet new people who are doing a similar thing to us.

I also sent off for my first Irish Passport a couple of weeks ago and, all being well, I’m expecting it to arrive in the next few days.  My British passport expires in March next year so I will be needing a new passport.  The Irish Passport works out slightly cheaper + I think it might be the better Passport to have if we happen to get kidnapped by terrorists of Columbian guerrillas. Lol.

Next on the list is a Camera.  Originally I was planning on getting a swanky Digital SLR but due to the expense involved an the not exactly compact size of these cameras I decided against this idea.  I’ve now been swayed to the other extreme and am going to opt for a Compact Digital camera.  I’ve spotted a couple of nice ones but they are a touch on the expensive  side so I’m going to do a bit of shopping around to try and find the best deal.

Still lots to do and top of the list should be:

  1. Working Visa for Australia
  2. Travel Insurance
  3. Decent Backpack

I’m sure there are loads other things that I’m forgetting about too.

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