Some technical updates

I’ve been working away behind the scenes trying to get the website in good shape for when we hit the road.  Some things have been proving more difficult that others.  I’ve finally managed to get the gallery feature up and running (although it still needs more tweaking to get it looking right).

It proved a bit of a nightmare. Something to do with php memory limit being reached or something was causing all sort of problems with installing it.  All of which was way beyond me.  I finally got it sorted with the help of a few forum sites. Namely one called Design for Unity, who seemed to solve the problem.  Thanks folks.  I had a no idea what I was doing but I followed the directions and it seemed to solve the problem.  All too technical for my liking.  I like it when things just work.

Now just need to remember to resize our pictures to a more web friendly size before uploading them.

You may have noticed another small addition to the site in the form of the Buys Us a Drink Widget. Feel free to use it whenever you want!  ;p

We aren’t really expecting anything as far as donations are concerned, but if you don’t ask you don’t get. Lol.  The odd £1 here and there could provide us with a bit of a morale boost when we are pissed off and in need of a pint.

There are a whole world of plugins available out there so I’ve been trying out different ones and hand picking ones that might be good for the website and help us on our travels.

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