Time’s flying. 11 weeks tomorrow.

Donna recently invested in a backpack just like this. She still thinks it might be a bit on the small side.

Time is flying by at the minute.  I think it must be down to being so busy in work with conferences (8 in 8 weeks and counting), countless brochures, Northern Ireland Yearbook, re-branding, white van man and general technical ‘go to’ guy.  Never a dull moment.  I don’t mind so much because I know that come the 16th January I will be starting the RTW adventure.

The planning and preparation has taken a bit of a lull lately as I’ve been struggling on with the TEFL course.  I’ve finally got  through the nightmare that was the grammar theory and have found the following sections a little easier.  I’ve still go a lot more of the course to do though so I’ll have to keep cracking on with it.  Minus craic but quite possibly vital if we want to earn some funds during our trip.

As for the rest of the planning…well…as I’ve already said, we’ve reached a bit of a lull.  We still need to sort out working Visas for Australia and suss out the various other visas for South-East Asia.  We have however managed to  book accommodation for our arrival in Bangkok.  After some searching on the Lonely Planet forums I managed to find a few recommendations and we finally settled for the Suk11 hostel.  It seems to have good reviews (as far as hostels go) and it looks cool too, check out their pictures on the website.  It was also quite reasonably priced (£6 per night) and is well located.  There was cheaper ones to be found but we though this offered the best value as it includes breakfast, unique looking and was centrally located.  We have booked 4 nights accommodation their but could possibly extend our stay there or move to another hostel depending on the sights to be seen in Bangkok.

Donna and I are both keen not to keep our itinerary fairly loose and opting for the ‘on a whim’ approach instead.  We still want to see all the key sights but don’t want to be tied down too much by accommodation ties and a strict itinerary.

Social life has taken a bit of a hit recently because I’ve been working instead of spending.  I’ve had quite a few discos over the past few weeks which helps the finances.  I’m also doing another one this weekend for Halloween, not good for the social life but great for the pocket.  I’m not that bothered about going out any more because I know that the more I save now, the more I’ll be able to spend when I’m away.   I’m also enjoying the geeky goodness that the PS3 has to offer in the form of the gaming masterpiece that is Uncharted 2.

On a side note, the website will be officially launching in a couple of weeks (after I’ve broke the news to my work) and there are a few tweaks, additions, and improvement that still need to be made. I’m thinking of introducing Google AdSense to see if we can earn a little pocket money while we are away.  We’re also hoping to introduce a Donate button just incase our friends and family feel sorry for our poverty stricken adventure and want to give us a morale boost.  Hint hint.

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