TEFL – Not proving a walk in the park

If you’ve been reading through blog you’ll have notice that we were considering doing a TEFL course and teaching English in South-East Asia to bring in some extra cash during the RTW.  After some intense debate in Starbucks we have decided to plow on with this idea and, as a result, we have now embarked on a 120 hour online TEFL course by i-to-i.  It’s not proving to be a walk in the park though, as I’ll now explain.

As you may already know, its been quite a few years since I left school.  I finished high-school in 1999 (10 years ago!) to go onto college, then university. I assume that I was taught grammar, and its various functions at some stage in high-school but can’t remember anything about them.  I obviously know how to write reasonably well and believe that I am more than capable of stringing together a few sentences (although Donna the grammar Nazi will probably suggest otherwise).  The only problem is that I’ve forgotten the meaning of the various grammatical terms, despite being able to use them in practice.

I’m now in the thick of the TEFL course and  have been taken aback by just how much I have forgotten and the sheer quantity of different grammar rules and structures.  Infact I’ve forgotten so much that I’m actually struggling to get through the grammar section of the course.  Its not helping that e-learning is the last thing you want to settle down and do after you’ve already spend a tough day in the office.

Anyway…I’ve got no other choice but to knuckle down and get on with it .

Other plans and preparation have come to a bit of a standstill as a result of the course but we’ll have to refocus on them shortly to ensure that we are fully prepared for the trip.   Fairly high on the agenda will be investigating visas and sorting out any that we are required to have before we start the trip.  We’ve also decided to go for an Australian working visa just incasewe need to find work in Australia too.

Less than 3 months to go now and still quite a lot to get sorted! Exciting stuff!

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