I tefl-ly need to blog more

My absence from the blogging world has been way too long.

Lots of updates since I last graced the site with my words of wisdom. Just a little update in terms of timescale to highlight how long since I blogged…

The X Factor has actually surpassed the auditions, boot camp and first live final 12 show, Claire Hudson has been in Liverpool for nearly 2 months and we’re into double figures on the aul countdown til Jan 16th.

All in all it’s been a busy few weeks with the preparation for going away. As you’ve probably read from previous posts we’ve changed our ideas about working while we’re away.

After some careful consideration…we’ve decided to do the TEFL course and try to get a job in Thailand (or surrounding areas).

Thinking back to this time last year when Shauneen was scouring Australia for a job and getting knocked back from McDonalds, this semi-decent opportunity of finding work in S.E Asia seems quite appealing.

Now, the theory part is great….the quizzes aren’t unfortunately. After 3 attempts… I still haven’t passed. Shame shame I know. I really need to go back and read over it. But I’m gonna save TEFL ranting for a totally different blog! (which you can read by choice lol)

Also in my absence from being a regular borebag blogger….quite ironically, I’ve become a bit of one in the real world.  It’s the ‘sitting in and saving stage’ of the trip preparation.  With a warm welcome return to all my favourite brainless tv shows at the weekends I’ve actually not reached the ‘tearing my hair out and wanting to get wrote off the map for everyone else’s amusement stage’ of the preparation malarky…..yet.

I’m looking forward to my fav holiday of the year HALLOWEEN! This is my get outta jail free card and hopefully promises to follow in the tradition of beezer craic from years gone by.

In other travelling news, I eventually made it to the nurse’s to get my injections. I think I’m covered for most tropical diseases but no doubt something life threatening will be evented just in time for us landing in some random shanty town. I’m sure the local chemist will have a cream for it! haha

On that delightful note I am going to go to sleep. Tis tough getting into work for 8am these days….but on the bright side there’s only another 86 days until I finish work for a year!!!!!! 😀

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