Shoestring September – Day 5

This non spending malarky seems alright. Saying that, I’ve not had any temptation as it’s been a pretty bog standard work week since I began my journey into the financial desert.

As I spoke of ‘breaking point’ in my last blog….I am 24 hours into being semi-rich dons again after getting paid yesterday.

When i say ‘semi-rich’ I actually mean ‘skint as ever’. This pay packet has been spent before it even hit my bank account with the amount of little medeelies waiting to be paid for.

I know I’m gonna be majorly hit up for vaccinations when I go see the nurse on Monday. Hopefully the bill won’t be as painful as the injections themselves.

On a happier note – I have managed to get the ball rolling on the passport front. I’m currently at the ‘signing’ stage which is pretty much a done deal. It’ll be back in my hands tomoro evening and ready for monday morning post!

Got talking to Shauneen last night when we were saying our cheerios to the Huds and were looking at photos from Shauneen’s leaving doo last year.

Can’t believe it was exactly a year ago since she left to go to Australia, the time’s absolutely flown in. I’m defo going to have to meet up with her to get all the hotspots to visit and where to avoid.

I’m away to watch the X-Factor with my deluxe purchase – (a whole nut) didn’t wanna go too crazy since I did bus it into work this morning! 😀

2 thoughts on “Shoestring September – Day 5

  1. Gareth says:

    Big spender eh? Buying a whole nut. My luxury item today was costa coffee. It was good, well worth the 30 minute wait. As a bonus I also got a free pint tonight when I was doing the disco! Jackpot! This shoe-string thing ain’t too bad at all. The challenge will probably come tomorrow when I want to buy a chinese.

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