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[5 Sep 2009 | 2 Comments | 812 views]
Shoestring September – Day 5

This non spending malarky seems alright. Saying that, I’ve not had any temptation as it’s been a pretty bog standard work week since I began my journey into the financial desert.
As I spoke of ‘breaking point’ in my last blog….I am 24 hours into being semi-rich dons again after getting paid yesterday.
When i say ‘semi-rich’ I actually mean ‘skint as ever’. This pay packet has been spent before it even hit my bank account with the amount of little medeelies waiting to be paid for.
I know I’m gonna be majorly hit up for …

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[1 Sep 2009 | 6 Comments | 1,117 views]
Shoestring September

Day 1
After trawling sites to find inspiration on how to save money i came across this little medeely.
Mail Online – How a cash-strapped teacher beat credit crunch by living on £1 a day for a YEAR after drunken bet
It may not come from the best sourced newspaper in the world but i was intrigued by the story. A drunken bet usually never lasts any longer than a few days at most but this wee doll managed to live on just  a quid a day for a whole year.
When i read on …