Shoestring September

Day 1

After trawling sites to find inspiration on how to save money i came across this little medeely.

Mail Online – How a cash-strapped teacher beat credit crunch by living on £1 a day for a YEAR after drunken bet

It may not come from the best sourced newspaper in the world but i was intrigued by the story. A drunken bet usually never lasts any longer than a few days at most but this wee doll managed to live on just  a quid a day for a whole year.

When i read on through the article i realised she was one of those types i hate. If she lived in Belfast she’d be what i call a ‘reduced regular’.

I’ve had my fair share of reduced regulars over the years….some of my fondest from the Yorkgate days (circa ‘starey girl’ and ‘walkie’ days) as well the few from Metro i get in on a regular basis.

It never occured to me until now, that maybe these stingybobs are in the same position as me…. Going on a RTW trip and are in desperate need to be saving every last penny.

So after some careful consideration and tweaking the rules slightly – I was challenged to living on a tenner a week for the whole month of September.

Today hasn’t been so bad. I walked out of the house with a homemade lunch and a handful of coins.

I spent £1.99 on a pot of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food icecream and ate it watching saturday’s X Factor.

I dunno how to tackle the whole situation though. As i don’t get paid til Friday (day 5) this challenge could seem all too easy since i don’t have the temptation to actually spend much since i’m pretty broke anyway.

However, after day 5 (which we shall now be known as ‘breaking point’), the real test will begin. Especially during weekend territory!

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6 thoughts on “Shoestring September

  1. Gareth says:

    You should easily be able to live on £10 a week. I think anyone reading this should also know that you were trying to raise the £10 budget to £14.

  2. Donna says:

    You can’t even get a twirl and a sukie in some shops for that price! You’re killing me here scrooge mcduck!

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