Nerves, nerves, nerves

4 weeks today and we’ll be setting off on our trip.  The last time I posted here it was 11 weeks to go.  I’m at a loss to know what the hell I’ve been doing over the past 7 weeks.  Time has seriously flown in.

The excitement about the trip has now turned into nerves (hopefully short-lived).  Its really started to hit home now that I in a few weeks time I’ll be leaving my job and jetting off around the world.  They really started to kick in when my job was advertised in the paper and the applications came flooding in.   I’ve also been sitting in on the interviews which has made me a bit uncomfortable because, essentially, I’m interviewing someone who’ll be taking desk and doing my job.  Never thought I’d feel so territorial about my work.  Ha ha.  My boss has already kindly agreed that he would keep a position open for me but I can’t help but think about the “what if he doesn’t” situations.  That’s a risk that comes with the territory I suppose.  I’ve wanted to go travelling for years and I’ll regret it if I don’t do it.  Now or never I guess.

Work has been hectic over the past few weeks and I’ve been busy making sure everything is sorted before I leave.  I’ll definitely appreciate the trip all the more now as a result.  I was hoping things would have slowed down a bit on the run up to Christmas but it seems to have gotten worse.

With regards to the trip, all the big stuff is sorted now; passport, Australia working visa, TEFL certificate (just one more module to do), insurance, backpack etc.  That just leaves the smaller stuff to get sorted.  I’ve been picking up bits and pieces over the past few week, surfing travel blogs, and preparing myself mentally for going.  I’ve also managed to get my finances in order and ensured that I have enough to cover any bills for at least 12 months so I don’t have to worry about  them when I’m away.

As for itinerary developments…well, we are still stuck at the Bangkok part (the second destination on our itinerary.  We aren’t exactly sure of the route to take from there.  Rough plan is to head up through northern Thailand into Laos, then down through Vietnam and Cambodia.  We are planning on teaching in Cambodia to ease the burden on our budget so were aren’t sure of our exact timing for there yet. The “Southeast Asia on a Shoestring” Lonely Planet guidebook just arrived so hopefully it will shed some light on key destinations and activities.

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  1. Hey guys,
    Enjoy these last few days that you have…they are all part of the journey! Thanks for commenting on my site and letting me know about yours…we’ll be reading along!!

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