4 months and counting.

Today is the 16th September which means its 4 months until we depart (16th January 2010).  Time is going by quickly but 4 months seems like an age away.

We’re back into conference season in work and the days are flying by because we are so busy between preparing for the conferences, working on the magazine, designing conference brochures and every other random IT task in between.  Its been an intense and stressful few months and is looking like the next few months is going to be just as hectic (but hopefully not as stressful).

In one way I’m glad that things are so hectic at the minute because I’ll appreciate the break when January 16th does come.  I just hope it doesn’t get any more crazy cause I’m not sure I can handle it.  I might just crack up.  I’m looking forward to the change of routine and being able to try something new.

Saying that there is still plenty to be organising for the trip to keep me going.  We still have to study up on our destinations and find out exact places we want to visit and figure out things we want to be doing.  Vaccinations still need to be sorted and we also need to consider booking an adventure trip.

I’d really like to do some sort of charity or volunteer work when I’m away but I’m not so sure about the fund raising part that would be required to take part in one.

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