Lots of Tall Ships…and one not so Tall Ship

We went up to see the Tall Ships on 14th August to see what all the fuss was about.  Belfast City Council had pulled out all the stops when advertising the event.  It seemed that wherever you went there was a huge poster advertising “Belfasts biggest ever event”.

A picture of me and the not so tall ship.
A picture of me and the not so tall ship.

They had done such a good job that I felt that I would be missing out on something if I didn’t go see the even. So on the Friday evening after work I went up and met Donna and we ventured down to the Odyssey Arena, where some of the ships had docked.  En-route to the event we stopped for a rest beside another, not so tall ship that had docked in the river Lagan.  Belfast was full of genuine Tall Ships and we seemed to find a rusty old barge that had been there for years more interesting.  Messing about we took some pictures of it and then moved on down to meet Donna’s  friends at the main event.  It was a grey and wet evening as we walked around the muddy Continental Markets.  We stopped for a beef and blue cheese burger then found a seat beside one of the impressive Tall Ships and done some people watching as we waited for Donna’s friends to arrived.

Once her friends arrived we done what anyone would have done at such a big event…explored the rest of what the festival had to offer then find the beer tent.  Thats not quite how it happened, instead we met Donna friends and skipped straight to the beer tent (even though we weren’t drinking).  We sat in the beer tent and soaked up the festival atmosphere, watched the fireworks, then went home.

Out of all the tall ships we could have taken pictures of, we managed to photograph none at all.  I suspect we are going to be the worse tourists ever when we venture out into the world.   I think we’ll be needing to learn how to be a bit more camera happy when we set off on our adventure.

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