Going on the recommendation of the Germans (Patti and Jens)  to go stay at Moradok Thai hostel in Ayutthaya we  thought we would give it a go.

Miss Ayutthaya 2010

After a short bus trip to this relatively sleepy town we got a tuktuk to the hostel and was greeted by an older thai lady with no teeth named Samsei. Asking her if she had any rooms free, she left us in the reception for half an hour as she went to check.

Looking around the place it was small but had quite  a familar feel about it. Almost like we’d pulled up to our adopted Thai granny’s house and asking her could we crash for the night.

When she returned she brought us up the spiralling staircase to room number 7 (I think there was only about 8 rooms in the whole place) and told us there would be party party down in the outside bar and to be there for 7pm sharp. This was translated as she shaked her thing while saying ‘party party’ and made sure we understood to be there at 7 pm.  Quite the party granny, we thought.

Party time at Moradok

We ditched our bags and had a look around the town, went to market, got the thai street food stall version of KFC and went back to get freshened up.  As we went down to the bar… there were two germans chilling after biking it around town so we got chatting with them and Samsei… she seemed to be feeding them with beer. She asked what we wanted to drink and I had a look up at the bar cupboard with various different bottles…anything you could think off from vodka to peach schnapps, gin to whiskey. I opted for a vodka and coke in which I was told that all the bottles were empty but she did say ‘whiskey and coke’ so i said… ok then!

About 20 minutes later (and a scoot round to the local Seven11 she returned with some Changs and a bottle of whiskey. She poured my drink and herself one….minus the coke.

As the night progressed I started to realise that the Germans did not recommend us to visit this city for the cultural awareness or the beautiful scenary but purely for this lady and this lady alone. She had us up Thai dancing as well as singing away to Tom (even though she loved Josh way more) lol

She even roped in the two ozzy girls –  Ann Marie and Margaret to join in the fun on their way back into the hostel! Im sure they can guarantee you how crazy this lady was! (Tom tom you go at night, i love pad thai i like patpong!!)

Lara has nothing to worry about

If you ever get to read this Patty and Jens….best recommendation ever.

Ps. We saw some temples there too.  Check our the buddha in the tree and the Tomb Raider style ruins (view all pics from Ayutthaya here). Gareth had some craic pretending to be  Lara Croft, although don’t think he has the moobs for it.

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