Photo of the Week – Mother and Baby

Mother and Baby Monkey - Picture taken on Monkey Island, Halong Bay, Vietnam. Photo taken by Gareth Livingstone. Copyright 2010, all rights reserved.

During our visit to Halong Bay (blog to follow soon) we had the opportunity to stay in a bamboo beach hut on an Island known as “Monkey Island”.  Named so mainly because of the monkey population that lives on the island.  After a quick afternoon snooze our guide took us on a bit of a trek over the rocky terrain and onto an neighbouring beach.  We were informed that this was where the main monkey population hung out.  We were initially unenthusiastic about the trek as we were sure we wouldn’t see anything more exciting than the renegade monkeys of Lopburi.  We were pleasantly surprised when a mother and baby monkey took a stroll down to the beach to check out the tourists.  The mother was unphased by our presence and allowed us to get close enough to take the picture above.

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2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Mother and Baby

  1. Gareth says:

    Just a bit cuter Peter. We had another incredible encounter with monkeys at Angkor Wot yesterday. Unfortunately one ran off with my water but I got some great pictures with Angkor Wot in the background as compensation.

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