Say it like the Vietnamese…

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for weeks now. Four weeks and 3 days to be precise.

I loved lots of things about Vietnam but I have to say the best thing about the country is the people. And my favourite thing about the people is the sayings they come off with…

Typical book woman

Here’s a selection of phrases that I know are in every beach seller, shop keeper or motorbike driver’s guide to the English language.

“Buy something……….” – can usually be followed with “now” if you happen to meet a bossy-boots seller.

Ïf you never go, you’ll never know” – an offer I could refuse from Hanoi Bob.

“It’s free to look…” – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m hardly going to pay you to look at the shite you cart around in a basket all day!

“Happy hour on bracelets” – Because any other time of the day would just be sad.”

“Good price for you, good price for me” – Usually means I’m gonna rip you off so much and you’re gonna think you got a bargain til you walk up the street and someone else offers you the same thing for cheap.

“Hello……” *swoooooosh* – the best way to offer this greeting is crouched down Paula Radcliff style at 4am on a street corner.

“You’re lucky customer, first customer of the day”– Great so me dandering in at 3.30pm really makes me wanna buy your high quality stuff no-one else can be bothered to look at.

“Spiiiiiicy” – self explanatory really.

If i can think of some more I’ll add them to the collection! 😀

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