Crossing the road in Hanoi

Crossing the road might seem like a simple task to many who haven't experienced the traffic in Vietnam.  "How difficult can it be?" some may ask.  Surely the simple rules "Stop, Look & Listen" can be applied to any road crossing in the world.  Myself and Donna soon found out that this is not true, especially in Hanoi.  If you apply this rule in Vietnam you would be waiting a lifetime to cross the road.

As you can see in the video above, Donna demonstrates that crossing the road in Vietnam simply requires a leap of faith.  The only way to make it across is to step out onto the road and slowly but steadily keep on walking across and allow the motorbikes to move around you.  The worst thing you could do is panic.  Simple!

Gillian over at One Giant Step recently blogged a nice piece about the Scooter mania in Vietnam.  Its well worth the read and sums up the motorcycle culture perfectly.

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