The Best Breakfast in the World

I think I’ve found it.

I know we’re covering a good section of the globe… I decided to myself I’d like to find the best breakfast ever.

I’ve had many a good breakfast…. many an expensive breakfast (re: Le Meridien 100 dollar breakfast NYC) and even a Big Boy Breakfast.

NOTHING compares to the Art Cafe – Koh Chang boiled eggs and toast. A delight we stumbled upon after actually ordering scrambled eggs and toast (the best mistake I’ve ever made in my life)

I know you’re probably shaking your heads thinking – ‘What could be so special about boiled eggs and toast?’.

The Pièce de résistance of the breakfast world

These just aren’t normal boiled eggs and toast….they don’t even come close to Marks and Spencers version of boiled eggs and toast. No my dears…these are perfection in two shot glasses.

Served at just the right consistency….yolky and runny…the yummy eggs need something to accompany them. This is Art Cafe’s Pièce de résistance  – the homemade bread toasted.

Soft, fluffy, poppyseed homemade bread toasted with a hint of garlic in the butter, the 4 generous slices make perfect soliders to accompany the boiled eggs.

The venue is an open planned arty cafe with traditional low thai tables and pillows. Hanging from the roof are random bowler hats with red ribbon flowing and the owner’s personal art work hanging on the walls.

After going there EVERYDAY for breakfast – (not on the monday because they close) we got talking to the owners – two fellas that smoke dope out the back when no-one is there. We told them we were gonna advertise the best breakfast we’ve ever had – much to their amusement.

The finished product

So I really would love to award Art the accolade of Best Breakfast in the World…but I suppose it’s only fair to wait til I see the rest of the globe. (But I already know they are the winners…)

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